For over 40 years, Hitemco has been partnering with leading edge technology companies to help make critical surfaces successful.

We specialize in high performance surface coatings and understand the thin line between a critical part and the environment that it operates in.  Whether it’s in aerospace, energy, minerals, or transport, we work with our customers to deliver outstanding materials knowledge, fast production turn times, reliable forecasts, and great customer service.

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Vanes, Shrouds
Fuel Swirlers
Combustion Cases
Nozzles & Diffusers
Seals & Labyrinths
Ducts & Disks
Compressor Cases (Abradable Coatings)
Convergent-Divergent Nozzles
Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBC)
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Main Rotor Shaft & Tail Fork
Hydraulic Pistons & Pins
Transmission Housing


Pistons & Engine nozzles

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Hard Chrome Alternative
HVOF Coat & Grind Applications

Sleeves & Cylinders
Axles & Forks
Bushings & Steering Plates
Hydraulic Pistons
Support Tubes & Seals
Brake Components